Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I have to pay to use the site?

No, you will never be charged for navigating the site.

How do you cancel the offered services?

To cancel your subscription to the newsletter: if you have subscribed to the newsletter and no longer wish to be included on the mailing list, send us an e-mail requesting your removal.

To cancel the site services: all you have to do is change the homepage.

How do I initiate the download?

Go to the download page, then follow the instructions below:

  1. Once you click on the "Click here to download application" button you will receive a download message. DO NOT click execute, you should click SAVE.
  2. Once downloaded, execute the application. DO NOT click on the "Click here to activate the download" link, a box to enter the code will appear right underneath, insert the code that you receive or request this code or click the link "Omit antivirus report".
  3. Press the next button.

If you have any other problem please do not hesitate to contact us explaining the problem in detail and the application that you are trying to install. There is no need to send more text messages (or to call).

Why has my home page changed?

We only change the home page if you accept the conditions in the download application. Future home page changes will never be blocked. You can change your home page whenever you like, below are some of examples of how to do this:

  1. Go to www.google.com and at the bottom of the page you will see a link that says: "Make Google your homepage"
  2. From your browser go to tools/internet options and you can change your homepage to whatever you like
  3. Download this application and it will guide you through the steps on how to do this

If you were unable to remove the home page in this way, it is because you have an antivirus application preventing this. You must temporarily disable the antivirus (or antispyware or firewall), change the home page and re-activitate the antivirus. If you need anything else or have any query please contact us.

Will any application remain on my computer?

Once the application download is complete, no application will be left (excluding the desired application) the only thing that may have changed, if you have requested this, is the home page and the desktop short cuts which can be easily removed by moving these to your computer's wastebasket (by right-clicking your mouse).

What is the Installer?

A virus-free, spyware-free application that enables the download of the desired application.

What can I find on this site?

Virus-free, spyware-free downloads. Unmodified official downloads as well as those supplied by the software provider.

Who are we?

An independent security company that supplies virus-free, spyware-free application downloads through this website.